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How to join

Because of changes in the way the BCS is organized, from 1 May 2008 to be a member of SPA (or any BCS specialist group) you will also need to be a member of the BCS. Click here to go to the BCS sign-up page.

If you are already a BCS member, you can join the SPA by logging into the BCS site.

If you don't wish to join the BCS but would like to be notified of SPA events and offers, please sign up to the mailing list here.

Who should join BCS SPA?

Broadly, BCS SPA exists for the benefit of those who share its mission. Prospective members do not need to be experts to join the group, nor is membership of the BCS a prerequisite. Membership includes complete beginners as well as pioneers of the technology.

Contact with other SPA practitioners

BCS SPA enables people with specific interests in relevant technologies to contact one another in a wide variety of ways: meetings, workshops, conferences, working groups and the newsletter. SPA has established a tradition of participative events, at which many long terms relationships have been formed.

Meetings and Conferences

SPA organises regular evening and full day meetings and workshops on a wide range of topics. These take place, not only in London, but also at sites around the British Isles. Workshops in particular have increased in popularity, especially in areas such as software design, and user-interface design. Evening meetings are usually free to SPA and BCS members. Full day meetings carry a reduced fee for SPA members.


Membership of BCS-SPA is completely free to members of the BCS.


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