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Mailing lists

SPA used to run three different mailing lists, each for a different purpose. These have now been largely superseded by the Wiki. The archives of the mailing list content can be viewed through the links below.

Notification of events

The programme committee of the BCS SPA specialist group used this list to notify members and friends of the specialist group about upcoming BCS SPA events. The same information continues to be available on the Wiki. If you're a member of the BCS and BCS SPA, you will automatically receive update notifications by e-mail. If not, you can subscribe to this mailing list.

historic archive


This was used for internal discussions of specialist-group and technical topics. Please use the Wiki for preference.

historic archive


This list supported the North-west chapter of SPA. There is more information about SPA-NW's activities on the Wiki.

historic archive

UK Patterns

This list supports the UK patterns community discussing analysis, design, coding and testing patterns. Please also refer to the Wiki for technical discussion and the patterns community.

historic archive