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This page lists planned and past SPA SG meetings in London. See also the presentations and notes published under past evening meetings.


Meetings are normally held in hybrid form - at BCS London and online simultaneously. Doors open at 18:00 with sandwiches and refreshments, programme begins at 18:00 and continues to about 20:00 (give or take 15 minutes including Q&A), networking continues while any remaining food & drink are consumed and we aim to clear the building by 20:30.

11 January SPA-374 Anupama Pathirage, WSO2's Director of Engineering leading Ballerina Language development: The role of modern programming languages in cloud-native application development
1 February SPA-375 Isaac Putt, AppCheck: Bridge the gap between automated and manual penetration testing
8(!) March SPA-376 Amit Bhagwat: Empathy & Inclusion in Professional Life
5 April SPA-377 no meeting
3 May SPA-378 no meeting
7 June SPA-379 Tom Gilb: Quantifying Software Security - Engineering Cyber Security
? June SPA2023 No full-scale conference this year
5 July SPA-380 Sean Rafter, Firebrand Training: Scale the BCS Business Analysis Certification Ladder (joint event with Business Change and West London)
2 August SPA-381 Akmal B. Chaudhri, SingleStore: AI - Using Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) Without Hallucinations
6 September SPA-382 no meeting
4 October SPA-383 Tomasz "TK" Kropiewnicki: The First Rule of Scaling Agile
1 November SPA-384 AGM followed by Gojko Adzic: "Hey ChatGPT, do we still need developers?"
6 December SPA-385 Rafe Tariq, SingularityNet: 3 Ways to build your own Financial Assistant with Generative A.I.



Meetings are normally held in hybrid form - at BCS London and online simultaneously.

5 January SPA-362 Jagandeep Singh: Example mapping - A collaborative approach to exploring user stories
2 February SPA-363 Vassilis Rizopoulos: Gaudi - an architecture for project automation
2 March SPA-364 Galatia Evangelidou: An introduction to Network Subnetting
6 April SPA-365 (no meeting)
4 May SPA-366 Tom Gilb: Clarity - the essentials of getting 2 people to agree on anything
1 June SPA-367 Raul Rodriguez: Web Development Patterns - ReactJS Apps vs WebFlow
22 June SPA2022 One-day annual conference - Software in Practice (a.k.a. MiniSPA) - Leeds
6 July SPA-368 Chintana Wilamuna: Getting started with Choreo - a modern platform for delivering digital experiences fast
3 August SPA-369 No meeting
7 September SPA-370 No meeting
5 October SPA-371 No meeting - launch of BCS Annual Diversity and Inclusion Report by Coding Black Females. Please contact Member Groups if you wish to attend.
2 November SPA-372 Dr Charles Weir: Threat Assessment by the Numbers – How to Avoid Doing Security and Privacy
7 December SPA-373 AGM + Jonathan Tate: How to Reduce Your Cloud Footprint



PLEASE NOTE: until further notice, all BCS SPA specialist group meetings will be held as virtual meetings, via GoTo Webinar, in order to comply with official advice to limit the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

6 January SPA-350 Peter Leeson: A Manifesto for Vitruvian Quality - why process doesn't necessarily equate to progress
3 February SPA-351 Fazal Ahmad, General Manager at EN-Projects: The Role of Technology in Humanitarian Programmes
3 March SPA-352 Gen Ashley: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - The Practical Bits
24-25 March MiniSPA 2021 Conference
7 April SPA-353 Akmal Chaudhri: Data Analysis with Pandas (interactive workshop)
5 May SPA-354 Nader Talai, ValueGlide: The need for business agility - how to meet the challenges with SAFe
2 June SPA-355 Daniel Aherne, Adjust Services - Neurodiversity Understood
7 July SPA-356 Kevlin Henney - Six Impossible Things
4 August SPA-357 Peter Leeson - Design a Culture for Innovation (with Software Quality and Business Change SGs)
1 September SPA-358 Gian-Luca Frei, Patrick Steger - the new OWASP Application Gateway
13-17 September SPA2021 Annual Conference: Software in Practice
6 October SPA-359 Dr Stephen Castell - software defects and the Law: dealing with the despair, distrust and disputes of a DISPRO, the DISaster PROject
3 November SPA-360 AGM and Jack Shirazi - A Guide to Reliability Engineering
1 December SPA-361 Sherilyn Aitken, BCS: Managing Your Own IT Career - time to take (back) control?



PLEASE NOTE: until further notice, all BCS SPA specialist group meetings will be held as virtual meetings, via GoTo Webinar, in order to comply with official advice to limit the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Thu! 9 January SPA-338 No meeting
Thu! 30 January Joint meeting with Business Change SG Build your winning business model:
Value proposition canvas and business model canvas
Tue! 4 February SPA-339 From source to finish: fast, cloud-native development workflows with Garden
Thu! 5 March SPA-340 Martyn Puddephatt - Why Agile is Nothing New
1 April SPA-341 Tom Gilb - Technoscopes: Meet the Challenge of Engineering Complexity (slides here)
22 April onwards Tom Gilb Workshop Series (rescheduled): Agile Tools for Value Delivery (now 100% online)
6 May SPA-342 Nick Tune - The Sociotechnical Architecture Toolkit: Designing Loosely-coupled Systems and Teams
3 June SPA-343 Pradeep Bhadani - Introduction to Terraform and Google Cloud Platform
Tue! 23 June Joint with Business Change SG Tom Gilb - Proper Public Planning Principles: Engineering Society Responsibly
1 July SPA-344 Dr Kuan Hon - GDP-Huuuuh? Myths, Misconceptions - and Reality [resources mentioned in the presentation]
21-22 July SPA2020 Annual conference: SPA Software in Practice 2020 (postponed to Spring 2021)
5 August SPA-345 Joint meeting between Quality and SPA SGs with Hampshire and Sussex branches - Passing the ISO 9001 Audit in the 2020s
2 September SPA-346 Bernie Fishpool, Mark Fishpool - Software Development in Practice (joint meeting with BCS Software Quality SG)
7 October SPA-347 Charles Weir and Lucy Hunt - the Agile App Security game (hands-on)
4 November SPA-348 AGM followed by Kevlin Henney on Unreasonable Architecture
2 December SPA-349 Giuliano Casale - Rational decomposition and orchestration for serverless computing with RADON




9 January SPA-327 No meeting
6 February SPA-328 Yan Cui, DAZN: Starting AWS Lambda Serverless Development (workshop)
6 March SPA-329 Martin Brenig-Jones and James Dawn: Accelerating Change and how to become a Maestro of Transformation
3 April SPA-330 Kostas Bonikos, RapidMiner: AI and Machine Learning in the real world
1 May SPA-331 No meeting
5 June SPA-332 Steven Duckaert, Platform9: Develop Fast Serverless Functions for Kubernetes with Open-Source Fission
3 July SPA-333 Alok Dwivedi, instaclustr: An Architect's Guide to Scalable Technologies - Cassandra, Kafka, and ElasticSearch
4 September SPA-334 Akmal Chaudhri, OmniSci & City University (London): Speed meets Scale
2 October SPA-335
6 November SPA-336 AGM + Kacper Gunia: Bridging the gap between IT and business using Event Storming
4 December SPA-337 Andy Parker: Effective Incident Analysis - Leaving Blame Behind




Date No. Title
7 February SPA-317 Glenn Wilson: Putting the "Sec" into "DevOps"
7 March SPA-318 Ivan Sanchez and David Denton:
Server as a Function. In Kotlin. Without the Server.
4 April SPA-319 no meeting
2 May SPA-320 no meeting
6 June SPA-321 Rob Brown: What's possibly possible in large organisations adopting agile?
1 August SPA-322 Stefania Chaplin: We are all Equifax - The Data behind DevSecOps
5 September SPA-323 Chris Sluman: A discussion on Identity, Persona, Authority, Authorisation
3 October SPA-324 no meeting
7 November SPA-325 AGM (see minutes) + Immo Huneke: Consumer Driven Contract Testing - Integration without tears
5 December SPA-326 Natalia Oskina and Giovanni Asproni, Zühlke Engineering: Be Your Own Threatbuster!




Date No. Title
4 January SPA-306 Tony Das: Container 2.0 - moving beyond Docker itself
1 February SPA-307 Alison Lowndes, NVIDIA: Machines that Think - how Deep Learning fuels the AI boom
1 March SPA-308 Jonathan Rothwell: Accessibility - the developer's overlooked responsibility
5 April SPA-309 Jo Kent, BBC Radio: Automated Data Architecture - creating user journeys through content using Linked Data
3 May SPA-310 Robert Chatley: Lean Learning - Applying Lean Techniques to Improve Software Engineering Education
7 June SPA-311 Tom Johnson: Failure Patterns in Java
2 August SPA-312 Quentyn Taylor, Canon Europe: IoT Printing - The Unloved Elephant in the Room (with DevSecOps SG)
6 September SPA-313 cancelled
4 October SPA-314 NO MEETING - BCS London closed from 2-16 Oct for AV systems upgrade
1 November SPA-315 Phil Nash (JetBrains): Swift Driven Development
6 December SPA-316 Paul Stringer: Subcutaneous Mobile Application Testing




Date No. Title
6 January SPA-295 No Meeting
3 February SPA-296 Yan Cui, JUST EAT: 7 ineffective coding habits many F# programmers don't have
2 March SPA-297 Giovanni Asproni, Asprotunity: Design for Testability
6 April SPA-298 Daniel Bryant, OpenCredo: The Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices
4 May SPA-299 Emily Webber, Tacit: Building Successful Communities of Practice
1 June SPA-300 Duncan McGregor and Nat Pryce: Hands-On Introduction to the Kotlin Language
6 July SPA-301 Immo Hüneke, Zühlke Engineering: The blockchain e-commerce/e-government revolution
7 September SPA-302 Liz Keogh: Handling Uncertainty with BDD and Cynefin
6 October (Thu!) SPA-303 Daniel Gartmann: Harness the power of HTTP headers to secure your web apps
2 November SPA-304 AGM followed by Jason Gorman: Are you a TDD maker, or a TDD faker?
6 December (Tue!) SPA-305 Giovanni Asproni: Creating an Incremental Architecture for your system




Date No. Title
7 January SPA-285 Pathfinding Peril - Chris Parsons. Escape the Minotaur!
4 February SPA-286 Decision Modelling by example - Paul Vincent
3 March (Tue!) SPA-287 How to build streaming data applications - Akmal Chaudhri
1 April SPA-289 Make a Shrimp for Easter - a practical embedded computing workshop for kids and their parents
6 May SPA-288 Retrospective Antipatterns: what can go wrong and how to fix it - Aino Corry
3 June SPA-290 Getting to Grips with Data: can Clojure breach the abstraction barrier? - Roland Sadowski
2 September SPA-291 Cancelled
7 October SPA-292 AGM followed by A Practical Introduction to DevOps
4 November SPA-293 Planning for Value - Allan Kelly
2 December SPA-294 Defend your Web apps: what every developer needs to know - Daniel Gartmann




Date No. Title
5 February SPA-277 The Development Testing Process - where next?
5 March SPA-278 Resource-Oriented Computing - what happens when Web concepts are applied to solution economics
2 April SPA-279 Pushing CSP to Prod - Case Study of a Real-World Implementation of Content-Security Policy
11 April with Agile SG Introduction to Holacracy
7 May SPA-280 ARM yourself - an Architectural Reference Model for Enterprise Application Development
3 September SPA-281 How to build front-end web apps that scale - Phil Leggetter
1 October SPA-282 How to name things: the solution to the hardest problem in programming - Peter Hilton
5 November SPA-283 AGM followed by a workshop on Visual Thinking and effective note-taking
3 December SPA-284 My adventure with source code management: How I learned to stop worrying and love the merge - Graeme Macfarlane


2013 and earlier

The preceding meetings are listed here.