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SPA organises a series of events where interested parties gather to discuss a range of topics relevant to the mission of SPA.

Planned events can be found in the London pre-registration pages. For the events held in London, there are also resources from previous meetings. You can suggest events you'd like to see by e-mailing Mohinder Khosla or Immo Huneke (London) or Mark Dalgarno (Cambridge).

About events

SPA organises regular evening and full day meetings and workshops on a wide range of topics. These take place in London and at other locations around the British Isles. Some of these are organised by regional subgroups. Workshops in particular have increased in popularity, especially in areas such as Web Services and XML. The monthly evening meetings are free to SPA and BCS members.

Other events carry a reduced fee for SPA members. Other events, such as one-day events and evening lectures are organised irregularly by other SPA members. These often take place in collaboration with other specialist groups or external bodies, such as the Extreme Tuesday Club.


SPA Meetings Programme Committee

The London meeting programme is currently managed by Mohinder Khosla, Soheir Ghallab and Immo Huneke. See Committee.